First Goal Reached – Now, Whirlybird Artist Fund

WE DID IT!  The building and the move have been paid for thanks to the help of The Whirlybird Society and Fanclub (AKA, Friends and Family, Whirlybirders, Whirlybird Nation, and a small bit of “gubment” recovery money) – the debt is now free and clear…

We are suspending our tiered membership fund-raising drive, but NEVER FEAR we will honor the EXCLUSIVE “tiered” perks and swag once the events are back in action post-Covid.  Thank you, thank you.  You know who you are and so do we – your names will be at the door on the The Whirlybird Society and Fanclub VIP list.  We continue to dream….

Don’t forget to tell friends who have the inclination and the wherewithal to contribute to the Whirlybird Artist Fund (and, of course, two of your favorite artists).  You can send the link below via email or text by simply copying and pasting:

Donate here

Thank Y’all.