First Goal Reached – Now, Whirlybird Artist Fund

WE DID IT!  The building and the move have been paid for thanks to the help of The Whirlybird Society and Fanclub (AKA, Friends and Family, Whirlybirders, Whirlybird Nation) – the debt is now free and clear…

We started The Whirlybird Society and Fanclub fundraising drive with a tiered membership, where members could support our creative efforts for as little as a $1.99 per month (less than a cup of coffee from you-know-where) – or you can jack it up to $27 per month (hey, it worked for Bernie).  We do have friends who give to their favorite animal shelter $30 bucks per month…. And, there were “tiered” perks.

We are suspending our tiered membership fund-raising drive, but will honor the EXCLUSIVE “tiered” perks once the events are back in action post-Covid. 

We are now going forward with a donation button (see below) where you put in the amount you want to donate toward the Whirlybird Artist Fund.  It can be a one time donation or you can choose to make your donation a recurring monthly donation as an on-going supporting subscriber to The Whirlybird Society and Fanclub.

Now that the building has been secured, the focus for fund-raising is to create a stable fund to supplement the door and tips with a generous guaranteed minimum session stipend for each artists who plays an official gig at the Whirlybird – which is a collaboration between the artists.  Too often the money collected at the door and tips are simply not enough to pay the artists a reasonable stipend for a full gig – especially, when we have multiple bands or small, intimate audiences.  We now have the “Whirlybird Artist Fund“, which we hope will grow and become large enough to GUARANTEE EACH ARTIST A MINIMUM OF $200.  We also intend to count Christy and myself (Jim), as individual contributing artists, also being guaranteed a minimum stipend…  We continue to dream….

“Our creative lives are the fuel that feed the creative engine that generates the power to drive the pistons and turn the gears and rotate the rotors that delivers the lift and causes The Whirlybird to fly.”

Don’t forget to tell friends who have the inclination and the wherewithal to contribute to the Whirlybird artists – and, of course, two of your favorite artists.  You can send the link below via email or text by simply copying and pasting:

Thank Y’all.