A fan club to support artists

The Whirlybird is bigger than us – Christy and Jim, that is.  But, The Whirlybird is us – it is our artistic and cultural expression – it represents us, the 2 artists that created it and continue to make it fly.  It’s a big-ass piece of Folk Art, where folks can maximize fun.  Most our fans know it takes more than vision to keep The Whirlybird generating that joy it represents – it takes a lot of sweat equity.  And, we have to say it – it also takes money.

Yes, it will take money to maintain the 80 ft. long building and adjacent grounds used by the fans, to pay for utilities, and so far we are all making it work.  Since securing the building and property, our vision has become focused on the most important element that makes the Whirlybird fly – the artists!  In order to sustain a lively calendar of activities, we believe the focus now for fund raising should be to create a “slush fund”,  which will back up “admissions” and help pay collaborative artists a fair and generous minimum award for their work.  We are hoping to build a fund with enough financial power to supplement admissions and guarantee a minimum $200 per artist for each event.

It ain’t hush-hush… it’s a slush-slush fund and we’re proud of it.  Come on let’s build a slush fund for artists – WHAT AN IDEA!  Sign on below:

In the beginning we did not charge admissions, but acquiesced when the tip jars only produced embarrassment.  Those days are long gone…. now It is time to reach out to friends of The Whirlybird, find new patrons, and together build an Artist Fund which will be a shining example for all art & culture lovers.

We pray you join us….