A fan club to support artists

The Whirlybird – and now the expanded idea of The Whirlybird Compound – is more than just us, Christy and Jim – but, it does represent what is at the center of our hearts – our artistic and cultural expression as artists. Jim likes to say, “it’s a big-ass piece of folk art” – it brings joy to many people, but it takes more than just our vision to keep it running. It takes a lot of hard work and, unfortunately, money to maintain the 80-foot long building and grounds, pay for utilities, and more.

Since acquiring the building and property, our focus has been on supporting the artists who make The Whirlybird special. To sustain a vibrant calendar of events, we believe it’s important to raise funds to create an “artist fund” to back up admissions and provide a fair and generous award for collaborative artists. Our goal is to build a fund with enough financial power to supplement admissions and guarantee a minimum of $200 per artist for each event.

We are proud of this idea and we hope you will join us in building an artist fund. In the past, we did not charge admissions, and we eventually had to start accepting donations through tip jars.  Then we charged at the door but knew it was not enough to pay artists what they deserve and need.  Now, it’s time to reach out to friends and supporters of The Whirlybird and find new patrons to help build an artist fund that can serve as a shining example for all art and culture lovers. Sign on below to contribute to the artists fund…