Tooting our horns

Since the beginning, Christy and I have worked hard and have sacrificed to ensure it’s more like an intimate, underground, artistically & culturally-oriented “family rec-room gone wild”, instead of just another public social venue driven by watered-down pop culture and the almighty dollar. The music and fun haven’t stopped.  Since we moved full time to Louisiana in 2006, surprisingly, the Whirlybird has moved, too – that is, between its location at the camp to our permanent residence.

There’s a magical story about that move.  During the Global financial crisis, starting 2007-08, we had no choice but to sell our beloved camp, and unfortunately, The Whirlybird building had to be sold – and left behind. But miraculously the ‘Bird came back to us, thanks to a local friend and fan who also happens to be our house mover.  Having our best interest in mind, knowing its history and cultural value, and having an opportunity to help us continue the cultural phenomena that is the Whirlybird dream of Christy and Jim, this friend kept the building from destruction and sold it back to us and moved it to our permanent residence 10 miles away on a hand-shake and a promise.  Rest of that part of the story we’ve already told.

The ‘Bird has inspired songs by International artists, and, hosted the making of documentary films and International television programs and music videos, and it has hosted music artist’s CD recordings and release parties.  The ‘Bird created a special place for people to have cherished spiritual experiences through art by talented artists, to fall in love and change their lives forever, to have intimate weddings and anniversary parties, to enjoy crawfish boils and poetry readings – and, of course, to have wonderful house concert and dance adventures like no other.   Last but not least, there are epic annual events:  there are Thanksgiving potluck celebrations every year, sometimes with honky tonk dances, jam sessions and bonfires – and – The Revelers Annual Lundi Gras Blowout – and – The Annual Pre-Blackpot Camp Throw Down – AND NOW, we are planning the first annual Blown Away on the Bayou Harmonica Summit.  The ‘Bird is where many international visitors, brought by friends, have savored their first unique American and Southwest Louisiana-style cultural experiences.

Soul of Blues and Gospel – Teka Briscoe, Grant Dermody, Dirk Powell

Here’s what formidable Southern Living Magazine had to say about our folk art/cultural project: “Some of the biggest names in Cajun music and beyond “pass a good time” there.”

In Country Roads Magazine, this is how Lucie Monk Carter described us: “The two are both educators, notably having founded the Steampunk and Makers Fair in Lafayette; the instinct to guide a group through cultural awakening shows in the mere existence of The Whirlybird as well as the strictures that make pure joy possible within.”